International Design Competition

with A+10 Architects

year 2016

location ex Manzini Factory, PARMA

Today it’s crucial for the contemporary architecture to tink about the lack of use of structures that today are abandoned or underused because they’ve lost their originally function. It is for that reason that it’s fundamental to promote an “Active Protection” of the local heritage in order to give a new life for that buildings, preserving their architectural value and reconnecting their presence to the surrounding urban context.

The site: 
The competiton was aimed to redevelop the “Manzini Factory”, a big industrial complex  for the production of machinery for the food industry that today is totally dismissed. The site is located in a very strategic site because it’s in the San Lorenzo District very close to the train station and the city centre.

Industrial Archetype: 
The site is very suggestive for the particular architectural system and the intervention preserves the pre-existent buildings with their morphological characteristics and it doesn’t touch the valuable volumes. The project interests mainly the ineteriors and it’s developed with lightness and respect for the historical behaviour of the complex.

Volumetric  interventions: 
The additions are clearly recognizable, and they give a sense of rythm and verticality to the general composition. The Observatory, the cutural winter gardens and  the big openings on the east view contribute to creat a strong relationship between inside and outiside.

Green system: 
Every new addition is chatacterized by green elements and plants: we can find vegetation on the east wall, the central winter garden, the Obstervatory with an exposition of flowers and officinal herbs, the “urban Wood” and the garden of flavors in the north side of the place.